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India: The land of dreams

India is a land of virtuous wisdom... a land where the soul sought the spiritual dimensions of mankind and perpetuated aspirations to decipher a world beyond this world. India has dominated the world stage through most of human history as the home of mighty empires, as a powerful trading nation, and as a wellspring of culture and civilization. It is an amalgamating pot of cultures, traditions, heritage and tourism. You just name it and India has it... from rustic villages to neon lit cyber cities, roadside eateries to plush motels, caravan village tourism to palatial castles, varied lip smacking cuisines to palatable delicacies. India nestles and cuddles what a normal layman can never imagine in the wildest of dreams.
India is truly a land where you find everything a traveler can dream of. So welcome to this mighty land and see what your best explorations here are !

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